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Motorcycle Seat Height, Stability and Rider Fit

The question often arises about which is the best motorcycle to rent or buy as travelers plan their adventures. Choosing the right size bike can be as important to your overall riding experience as any other factor, so often riders are concerned about the seat height. While intuition tells us “a larger engine means a larger bike,” this is not necessarily true across the board. (Ride Adventures, 2011)

Extra Accommodation, Flights & Activities

What about pre and post tour accommodation, as well as optional activities ?
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Motorcycle Insurance, Excess Hold and Damages

We are often asked by clients if the bikes we rent out or use on tours are fitted with crash guards, and given cross border insurance excesses approaching USD 2350 at time of writing, its a valid question.
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Moto Touring Africa - Packing Checklist

Motorbikes and adventure travel mean you need to think about limited space, security, unpredictable weather, frequent stops and other matters - so our advice is to pack clever and travel light.

Adventure Travel & Customized Journeys

The Challenges, Opportunities & Why Us? The world has changed but the needs haven’t. The world started changing in a big way for us in the adventure travel sector of the packaged tour business in 2007, and we’ve been struggling…