Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-mindedness – Mark Twain

Hit The Road travel aims to provide our guests with a relational as opposed to transactional travel experience. In Industry speak we focus on the Adventure Travel segment of the special-interest tourism market, in that our itineraries incorporate wildlife and nature, the landscapes and sights, an element of cultural interaction, and an appropriate measure of physical activity, blended with themes and special interests that might be close to your heart.

We are a small, slick,  networked travel team, that caters for individual guests, couples and small groups of families and friends, and we like to do things in a little more detail than most. We’re not too concerned in the latest and greatest travel offerings or in-vogue destinations, but rather the things we know you’ll remember and hold precious: epic locations, life changing moments, experiences shared with loved ones, exceptional encounters with wildlife, mentors, simple excellent accommodation, great food, and a bit of adventure.

Mainstream travel and safari is still a small part of our business and we do it really well, but we are proud to be in that elite group of tour operators who can offer real  special-interest tours. Contrary to what many travel people will tell you putting together a special-interest themed program is hard work, time consuming and requires the space and time to think that most people just do not have these days.

With many years of experience in servicing agents, tour operators, and clientele from across the globe, and offering , mountain biking, archaeology, anthropology, food & wine, art, music and heritage tours, we realized that we had on our hands a portfolio of offerings, that very few travel companies could put on the table.

We provide specialist guides in each of the sectors, experienced field operators, guest speakers, academics, technical visits, and attention to detail, giving you the focused attention expected from a special-interest travel itinerary.

We will enrich your journey with encounters that cannot be bought through any old travel agent or found in any catalog, and make sure that your tour surpasses your expectations. When you leave Africa you will have experienced this magnificent continent with all its colors, facets, cultures, landscapes and emotions- your way.