We have to stop speaking about the Earth being in need of healing. The Earth doesn’t need healing. We do. It is our task to rediscover ourselves in Nature. It is an individual choice. – Ian McCallum

Travel needs to be a conscious, life-enriching experience in order to truly give one that sense of freedom and well-being, that we all desire. Life enriching experiences are directly linked to the well-being of the life and environments one encounters, so responsible tourism and Earth issues are important to us.

We craft our itineraries so that your journey:

  • Will enrich your life
  • Leave you a little more ecologically intelligent
  • Expand the mind and educate
  • Awaken one’s soul
  • Leave you with wonderful memories.
  • Ensure an engagement with nature,
  • Offer a degree of cultural exchange and interaction
  • Offer an appropriate level of physical activity that’s relevant to your personal needs

Journey with us and experience the landscapes, wildlife, cultural diversity and rich history that this world has to offer.

Our tours are about experiencing spectacular natural surroundings, the history and cultures of local people, abundant wildlife & nature, crisp mornings, beautiful sunsets and clear starry skies. Our itineraries include many out-of-the-way places, excellent accommodation, professional hosts and guides who will go that extra mile to meet your holiday expectations and ensure a safe, rewarding travel experience.

If you can’t find an adventure that suits you, or need some inspiration, then contact us and we will create a custom trip with your specifics in mind.