We take our intellectual capital seriously, understand the cost of developing a single travel offering and have worked hard at valuing the ‘hidden’ assets of our company. These comprise human resources, knowledge, intellectual property, stakeholder relationships, customer relationships and those things that provide us with a competitive edge in the marketplace.

All businesses have unique, proprietary assets that has given them a competitive advantage. Sometimes these assets are tangible like patents, but more often than not in the tourism industry they aren’t. We take seriously the proactive “monitoring” of competitor product and market position within various niches.

Text and copy is costed during production,  dated at time of publish, filed electronically and in hard copy, then witnessed and certified by a commissioner of oaths, its a fairly straightforward  matter to prove ownership and intellectual capital costs, then recover civilly  should our efforts be plagiarized. We play fair – should you be a supplier or partner and feel we have not applied any original thought and too closely followed your own copy please inform us immediately and we will quickly amend and modify.