Travel Light

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We endorse the concept of traveling light, it’s about travel way of life, and once you get a taste of the sweet mobility and independence that goes with small light luggage and being un-encumbered, you will again travel any other way. Whether traveling for a week or a month, pack for the seasonal weather conditions, the same way – and plan for the best case scenarios, worst case buy yourself out of a problem, you can get all the essentials in most destinations. We are talking soft packs of 15 kg and less, clearly labelled and locked securely. Light is good for other reasons:

  • You will walk with your luggage more than you think that you might.
  • Safaris can include chartered flights in small aircraft where overweight conditions create a serious safety hazard
  • Many of the vehicles used have limited space.
  • Light gear eases the burden on porters, and if you read up on the working conditions of Kilimanjaro porters for example – you will see how important this is.

Packing for Charter Flights

On small aircraft flights, guests are generally permitted to carry one standard piece of hand luggage (maximum 5 kg or 11 lb.). Make sure your day pack meets international air travel requirements. Some of our trips have enforced luggage weight restrictions, ensuring more space, a bit more comfort and the safety that comes with a lighter load. Generally Southern African Fly in Safaris are limited to 44 lbs or 20Kg and East African Safaris to 33lbs or 15kg.