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“Africa has the oldest pre-history in the world, the most complete series of traces left by man at all stages of evolution – this discovery is one of the more recent and significant achievements of archaeology. “

Archaeological research in Africa today plays a central role in reconstructing; a sometimes extraordinarily complete, picture of human beginnings and how more recently vanished people lived and died. Our Archaeology tours and programs seek to enhance your knowledge, and educate people of all ages about the significance of archaeological discovery and the importance of identifying, protecting and conserving these cultural heritage resources, to ensure that they are promoted and accessible for generations to come.

We recognize that heritage resources are both tangible and intangible, and in addition to seeing archaeological artifacts and sites, such as shipwrecks, burial grounds & graves, memorials and rock art, our tours include monuments, historical sites, sacred sites and interaction with individuals specialized in oral traditions, indigenous knowledge systems and structures associated with slavery.

Like ourselves, we know you have interest’s other than archaeology, and have usually traveled from far, and so we make sure that our programs include the highlights of the destinations, with time to visit markets, include cultural performances and sample local food, wine and beer.

Archaeologists tend to concentrate of particular sites and become “resident specialists’, so the most important element of these tours is the person who pulls it all together for you. The itineraries are carefully created and tested long before being published, but a successfully trip hinges on the engaging host, informative leader and specialist, along with professional local guides, who accompany you .

We limit the size of groups to enable participants to dine in celebrated limited capacity restaurants, and spend overnights in smaller, more exclusive accommodations, that depict the ambiance of the destinations. We dine on the local delicacies, drink traditional beverages, learn something of the languages, and travel to many sites rarely visited by tourists.

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