Mountain Bikers see much more of this incredible planet than most others will ever do. A decent mountain bike that is well ridden combined with fresh air and good company, will remedy most of the troubles our age has inherited.

There are many reasons why we  love a leisurely cruise, riding country roads, wilderness and off-road trails. In addition to being great fun, cycling on any form offers a host of physical, emotional and social benefits. Add to this lifestyle mix some of the world’s most spectacular destinations, wildlife, iconic sights, great food, family and friends, and you have a recipe for an awesome life changing, confidence building experience  and an incredible adventure.

At Hit The Road Mountain Biking, we’ve tailormade seamless trips for travel lovers, devotees of mountain biking, and small groups of families and friends who want a unique perspective of this continent. We are indeed cycling mad, exploring, weekend rides and events like the Cape Epic MTB Race seems to consume many in our office, but first and foremost we are travel specialists, and our vacations are an artful blend of both disciplines – with a human touch.

Our MTB tours and itineraries, crafted across a number of service levels, cater for experienced and professional riders on our Technical Rides, novices and beginners on our  MTB Explorer Rides, riders of all levels who are traveling with non-rider partners or friends on our Partner Rides, Ladies groups on our Women’s Rides, carefully curated Skills Camps, and races where we facilitate Event Travel.

Our Mountain Biking Portfolios

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MTB, Cycling & Responsible Travel

Mountain biking is something of an elitist sport and unlike running, or even swimming to some extent, the financial barriers to entry make mountain biking inaccessible to most. For a mountain biking travel business it was obvious - especially in an African context, that we focus our travel responsibility programs for this division on social development.