Have we forgotten that wilderness is not a place but a pattern of soul where every tree, every bird and beast is a soul maker ? – Ian McCallum from the poem Wilderness

Environmental, spiritual, social and economic issues are inseparably joined. They are consciousness issues, leadership issues, awareness issues. We accept that we need to live in a different way, to meet the challenges of this new world, of this new time. To do this we need to think and feel differently, to move forward, to leap above the immediate and material ceiling that imposes limits upon us as beings. A reconnection with wild places, including the wild and old within us, is necessary to become emotionally intelligent, aware conscious persons, teachers and care-givers, for our families, communities and ultimately our planet.

Ecological Consciousness Leadership Safaris, Environmental Awareness Journeys, are the most important programs we run in conjunction with our associate specialists. Apart from corporate team building, executive mentoring and leadership coaching, we believe that they play a vital role in reconnecting clients to the consciousness and awareness that lies within all animals.

“ The spirit world watches and waits for what we do with our time on earth, and for all of us it matters more than anything that we do more than we have done – and I am only just beginning…” Paul Myburgh

Our Ecological Consciousness & Leadership Program Portfolios