Ethiopia is unlike anywhere else in Africa, with a rich cultural heritage stretching back millennia. Its rather quirky character gives it an entirely different feel to its neighbors, and few other countries can match its diversity. Jim O’Brien Native Eye Travel

The land Gondar, of Lucy, Ardi and Coffee – Get your fix! – Coffee that is – the word come from ‘Kaffa’, a region of Ethiopia. This is a land of discovery – wonderful and beautiful, secretive, mysterious, and ancient, very ancient – it’s where Australopithecus comes from – the cradle of humankind… Visit Lalibela a medieval realm hewn from stone. Explore a 3000 year old culture and Christian ritual dating back more than 1000 years. Navigate wide-ranging and fertile highlands loaded with historical riches, ranging from the antique tombs and obelisks of Aksum to 17th-century forts. Burnt out Russian tanks are a stark reminder of more contemporary conflicts. It’s not all about ancient relics. Trek the Simien Mountains National Park and Bale Mountains National Park, and encounter animals and birds seen nowhere else on the planet. Experience some sulphur and visit the amazing Danakil Depression as well as the Omo River Valley and Basin – home to some of Africa’s most enthralling tribes.

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