Emperors, Kingdoms, Settlers and Battlefields – Ancient and Contemporary Heritage & History

“The best way to understand history is to study the places where it was made “Stephen Ambrose

Heritage and History tours are not just academic pursuits, they are about connecting to past events, honoring ancestors, paying tribute to fallen comrades, reconciliation and nation building. Hosted by expert historians and heritage guides, visit the sites, and expand your knowledge regarding the role that past and contemporary personalities have played in world history.

Experience the places, artifacts and events that realistically represent the stories and people of the past. Our Heritage and History tours include cultural, historic and natural resources. We travel to sites, towns and cities, filled with historic battlefields, neighborhoods, streets, monuments, and museums that shed light on the destinations historic past. Historic places very often create connections to our personal heritages that help us understand our past, appreciate our triumphs, and learn from our mistakes. Historic places help define and differentiate our communities by building a strong sense of identity.

We visit remarkable places and focus on an enthralling variety of historical events, as well as past and contemporary political themes. These include amongst others, the struggle against Apartheid,  the First World War in East Africa, the Anglo Zulu War, the Anglo – Boer and Rhodesian wars, as well as important  heritage  sites such as Robben Island, The Voortrekker Monument, Isandlwana, Spion Kop and Rorkes Drift, to name a few.  All of our scheduled group tours are led by expert guides, partnered for their experience, communication skills and knowledge.

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