Remember to go wild – the best students and teachers are insatiably curious, thrive on learning, embrace failure as the opportunity it is, have empathy for others, are never afraid of looking silly, and get great satisfaction from mentoring and passing on new found knowledge.

We’re hooked on mountain biking and all that goes with it, and at some point frustrated with just how hard it is to acquire skills and knowledge, even from our professional MTB friends – the best doer’s are not always the best teachers. Learning to race faster, ride with more confidence, ride more efficiently, be more comfortable, ride safer goes without saying, whatever your current ability level.

Choosing mountain bike skills courses, development and instruction appropriate for your level and lifestyle is not a simple thing to do, and structuring clear cut, excellent programs, that are internationally recognised is at the heart of what our skills days and camps portfolio is about.

Our superb range of courses – delivered in many locations utilizing a network of accredited trainers – gives all mountain bikers a way to step up their skills to new levels.  Whatever skills you come to us with, from novice off-roader to regular mountain biker or elite racer, our comprehensive range of courses will take you to the next level.

Our mountain bike skills courses from a leading team of instructors will change your biking dramatically, in just one day. We spend more time than any other mountain bike skills training company in South Africa on research and course development – so we can bring you the latest techniques taught in the most effective way.


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