Julius Nyerere, the first president of Tanzania, was known throughout his time  in office as Mwalimu, teacher, and the pedagogical lessons he taught his new country were radical socialism, non-alignment, anti-racialism, and self-reliance. Marq De Villiers and Sheila Hirtle – Into Africa

One of the most alluring safari destinations in Africa, Tanzania’s natural wonders have fueled the imagination of travelers and explorers, the likes of whom include such notables as Burton and Speke. The largest country in East Africa, where it’s possible to go climbing the highest Mountain in Africa, Kilimanjaro, roam the ancient cobbled alleyways of a once major spice and slave trade center in Stonetown, or snorkel in the palm-fringed tropical reefs off the Zanzibar Coast.

Within its borders, Tanzania holds some of the world’s most celebrated wildlife areas: the Serengeti, which is home to the highest density of plains game in Africa and host to the dramatic annual wildebeest migration during the months of October to July, as well as the world’s largest intact volcanic caldera and geological phenomenon, the Ngorongoro Crater. Tanzania boasts the world’s longest freshwater lake, Tanganyika and Africa’s largest reserve, Selous, immense flamingo -lined salt lakes and misty rainforests nurturing native chimpanzees and an astounding variety of bird-life. With a hundred ethnic groups, the countries rich cultures are evident from the spear carrying Maasai to Zanzibar fisherman. From hot air ballooning floating in the morning mist to sleepy Swahili villages and untouched wildernesses, this magnificent East African nation delivers a classic safari experience.

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