Murmuring quietly through a shy smile, the young Bushman tells me that he has come back to the desert to find a new life. – James HoweGeographical

The social and human issues faced in sub-Saharan Africa are complex and seldom transparent, but a lack of respect for a local culture coupled with little or no sensitivity for social development and education, can destabilize whole communities, erode long established cultural values, and increase tensions, resulting in social ills such as crime, drug abuse, begging and desecration of sacred sites, to name a few. There have been instances where tensions between tourism industry service providers and local communities have erupted and impacted with tragic results for travelers and tour operators.

Running tours in diverse locations we impact upon many communities, and have chosen to give some time, some money, and spread the word about all. We endorse and support business and foundations who have an incredible track record, seldom look for praise and  impact on 1000’s of lives.