We believe that how we conduct our business and individual lives every day, will have a more direct influence on the planet, than many of the broader concepts that in reality are easier to brand oneself with and talk about, than action.

Responsible Travel + Sustainable Tourism = “Responsible Tourism”

We all have a role to play here, and we encourage you to develop your own responsible travel code. There is a wealth of information available on-line, and organizations with no hidden agenda, like  The World Tourism Global Network are excellent resources.

For our part we believe that supporting Earth Issues is a given to ensure long-term success, and most importantly starts at home with internal organizational practices and working hard at social consciousness, going – green the concept of fair trade.

We endeavor to entrench a culture of responsible tourism by following a basic code  and embracing certain daily responsibilities. We endorse the concepts of transparency, mutual respect, and the promotion of personal growth & development, within the tourism environment, to guide our working behavior and general conduct.

  • Provide a service that ensures differentiated, safe, excellent-quality, fair-value and stimulating trips.
  • Provide the people with whom we interact honest, clever, up-lifting and visionary mentoring.
  • Create our own value systems and an environment that allows us to always work harder, longer and faster than the competition.
  • Grow and develop the business and the individuals of the business by embracing a culture of interactive teamwork, where communication of individual ideas and contributions are shared and utilized to achieve common goals, and everyone is able to work unhindered in achieving agreed business objectives.
  • Perform our duties with responsibility and professionalism in accordance with appropriate standards.
  • Conduct ourselves and behave in a manner that is beyond approach. All of our behavior will reflect a respect for the health and safety of others, for the culture and beliefs of colleagues and clients, and for the working and natural environment in which we operate.
  • Embrace an environment that is tolerant and non-discriminatory, especially with regard to nationality, ethnicity, culture, race, gender, age, sexual orientation, physical and mental differences, beliefs, religion and ideologies.
  • To protect the environment and support African charities, non profit entities and wildlife organizations. Encourage and facilitate the sale of volunteer tours by our agents
  • Practice credibility, critical thinking and have courage.
  • Pro-actively educate staff and travelers about cultural and environmental issues and work towards environmentally responsible behavior in everyday life.
  • Contribute to broader societal goals, pay fair value and look beyond simply making a profit.