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Motorcycle Insurance, Excess Hold and Damages

We are often asked by clients if the bikes we rent out or use on tours are fitted with crash guards, and given cross border insurance excesses approaching USD 2350 at time of writing, its a valid question.
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Moto Touring Africa - Packing Checklist

Motorbikes and adventure travel mean you need to think about limited space, security, unpredictable weather, frequent stops and other matters - so our advice is to pack clever and travel light.

Motorcycle Trips and Rentals - Rider Undertaking and Indemnity

Rider Undertaking The Rider must be in possession of a valid motorcycle rider’s license, with no endorsements. Within reason, The Rider warrants that they are accustomed to the operation of the motor cycle that they are using. 1) The Rider…

Motorcycle Trip and Rentals - Insurance and Disclaimer

This document should be read in conjunction with our general trading terms and conditions. Motorcycle Insurance and Excess Hold Collision damage waiver, third part insurance cover and theft protection insurance are included in the price. At…
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Motorbike Touring & Route Gradings

One of the most important features of any adventure tour is the right route. We take time to choose our routes and have them test ridden.